The Book of James – New Video Series

The correct interpretation of the book of James has the ability to radically transform the heart and actions of a believer. The wrong interpretation often creates the opposite effect, producing in the believer a judgmental heart that drifts further and further away from the compelling love of God. Engage in this special video series in the book of James and walk in the mercy of God.

The Biblical Story Video Series

There is nothing in the world like the Bible – a narrative of God’s interaction with mankind throughout human history written by 40 different authors over a 1500 year time span. From the beginning to the end, the message is miraculously the same – look upon Him and be saved. This video series lays out the narrative structure of the Bible in a simple but deep presentation that will take you from whatever place you are in your understanding to a new depth of understanding and worship. We welcome your questions, comments and stories at

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